Inhale, Exhale, Flow...

June 15, 2017



Yin yoga is designed to calm rather than energise the body, allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to relax, heal and repair the body.


So why do we want to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system?


Short answer - we are stressed most of the time.  Lets face it most of us live in an anticipatory stressed state most of the time, running from here to there as we have over scheduled ourselves, not to mention the physical demands on the body with sport and training, add a job and family to this equation and our body is crying out for some attention. Within this stressed state certain systems of the body begin to shut down in order to conserve energy in the body....digestion, reproduction, immune systems and our repair and recovery function, eventually sleep is affected as we loose the ability to switch off.

By stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system we are restarting these much needed systems in the body in order to allow it to do what it does best....fix us! 


With the emphasis in Yin on passive stretching or surrendering to gravity rather than forcing and struggling, we develop flexibility and endurance allow the body and mind to wind down and switch into recovery mode.


The long held poses used in Yin  create a controlled stress on the connective tissue (fascia, ligaments, tendons, bones) effectively thickening and strengthening the plastic like tissue and creating greater flexibility in the joints, greater stability in the joints, nourishing the tissues and stimulating the flow of chi.



Yin yoga cultivates the practice of mindfulness as we rest in absolute stillness, becoming aware of the internal sensations, being fully present with the breath, allowing all sensations, physical, mental and emotional to arise and release without reacting. This allows us to fully connect mind and body as a whole, making us aware of its needs.


From the skin to the bones we can access the deepest parts of ourselves, creating greater clarity and concentration, balancing the energy body by stimulating the meridians and harmonising the emotions as we become more intimate and engaged with ourselves.


When was the last time you fully connected with self?

Yin Classes are run by the talented and very patient teacher Susie Quicke.  Classes run on Mondays at 5pm - 630pm.

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